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Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Cardiovascular disease is the category of diseases that involve the heart, arteries, and veins. The diseases typically have similar causes and treatments. There are known risk factors that can assist you in determining in you are at risk for cardiovascular disease. A cardiovascular risk assessment outlines these risks, and can be performed by your physician. Some of the risk factors include:
•    A family history of early heart disease, early stroke, or other forms of cardiovascular disease.
•    Ethnicity
•    Other complications such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure
•    Exposure to second hand smoke or if you smoke
•    High stress lifestyle
Alone, these factors are innocuous, but combined; they are a recipe for cardiovascular disease. By the time that cardiovascular disease is actually diagnosed, the disease is advanced and has caused irreversible damage to the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular disease can also cause other conditions, which complicate the condition and require long term care.
It is for these reasons that cardiovascular risk assessments are recommended for all healthy people, to be sure that they remain healthy. Taking a Cardiovascular risk assessment is one of many proactive steps that a patient and their doctor take. Patients also learn a great deal from a cardiovascular risk assessment including, risk factors for other diseases and conditions. The discussion following the assessment provides an opportunity for a wide range of dialogue with your physician, that would not take place during a routine visit.

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