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Medical Health Assessments

Who needs a medical health assessment?

Everyone, despite his or her age or current health condition, can benefit from a medical health assessment. The health assessment is designed to gather information related to the patient’s diet, family history, cholesterol, blood pressure, cognitive, social and other health habits. The medical assessment is designed to promote wellness. The physician and patient discuss the results of the assessment and patient’s overall health is evaluated. The patient is offered proactive actions they can take to ward off potential diseases. The doctor and patient also discuss a comprehensive health strategy to increase the patient’s overall health condition. Medical health assessments are encouraged by the American Medical Association to identify areas for improvement and concern for the patient.

Many times teenagers are overlooked as good candidates for medical health assessments, as their overall health is generally good. Teens are subject to the same poor health habits as adults, they just have youth on their side, keeping them seemingly healthy. With teens becoming more sedentary each year, an annual health assessment is recommended to monitor activity levels. Teen obesity is on the rise. A health assessment recommends nutritional and fitness guidelines as well.

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