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Nutritional and Health Planning

The United States is obsessed with weight control, working out, fitness, organic foods, and holistic medicine. Millions of Americans will begin the New Year with a new diet and fitness plan or other New Year’s resolution designed to build a healthier you. What most people fail to do however is consult their physician before starting a new diet or fitness regime, despite the fact that they are warned to do so by the companies who sell these products and programs.
Does everyone need to consult their physician before making a change in their diet or fitness routine? What about those who are seemingly healthy? The answer is yes. Your physician is the sole authority on nutritional and health planning. Physicians are trained to perform specific assessments on patients, who are considering a new program or diet. Furthermore, your physician knows your specific health conditions and potential health risks.

Before spending good money on a fitness program or diet food, delivered straight to your door, consult your physician. Many times, the programs that are widely advertised do not perform as they claim. Many diet meals that claim to be

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