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Qualifying Physical Exams- Pre-employment- Pre-school

At one time physical exams were only required to play high school sports and to get into the military. They are now a part of most people’s lives. Preschools, employers, and insurance companies now require qualifying physical exams. The exams assess the patient’s physical health, presence of drugs or alcohol or other disqualifying conditions.

Qualifying physical exams are a routine service performed at most local doctor’s offices. The exam typically takes about one hour to complete. Any lab work is also done right at the office, which makes it very convenient. If you have been required to submit to a qualifying physical exam, have it performed at your family doctor and not at a local clinic. Your family doctor knows your health history and is best qualified to make an accurate assessment of your current health condition. An assessment from a local health clinic may contain inaccuracies and jeopardize your ability to be properly qualified based on the exam criteria.

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